Covid-19 Program

The lumberyard and showroom are currently closed for visits – except to pick up completed orders.

All sales are being done remotely at this time and we continue to operate at full capacity.

Please call us at 951-695-1003 or email us at to discuss material options, pricing, and lead times for your project.

Upon your visit to pick up a completed order, facial coverings are required to be worn by all visitors. If you do not have one available, we can supply one. If you refuse to wear one upon your visit, you will be responsible to hand load your order unassisted by our staff.

We sincerely appreciate your business and your patience with the currently evolving situation.

How do I place an order?
Please call the office +1 951 695 1003, email, or complete the “Request More Info” form on our website to receive a formal quote. We will place the order in line after receiving back a signed quote and a 50% deposit.
Is there a minimum purchase quantity?
Due to the amount of work in the production queue, we have temporarily increased the minimum in-stock material purchase requirements in an effort to focus on large orders on the board. We will try to accommodate smaller requests when possible.

Depending on the amount of labor requested, there may be a minimum mill charge and lead-time.

Minimum orders of 100 board feet apply to LABOR on all planking products.

How is the wood priced?

We price our material by the board foot. The price per board foot will vary depending on quantity and wood species. There is a price break for quantity on beams and planking at over 100 board feet and again at over 500 board feet. Each labor process that is requested will add to the price as well. Flooring typically has a 500 square foot minimum without incurring an additional setup fee. Discounts on full units or large quantities may be available.

What is a board foot?
A board foot is a measure of volume. To calculate board footage use the following formula: Board Footage = (Width in inches x Thickness in inches x Length in feet) / 12.
One 8”x8” Beam 10’ Long = (8x8x10)/12 = 53.33 BF
One 2”x 8” Plank 10’Long = (2x8x10)/12 = 13.33 BF

A board foot and square foot are very similar in 1” thick material. The difference being material is sold in Board Feet on a nominal measurement (example: 1”x 8”) compared to an actual measurement to count towards square footage (example ¾” x 7 ½” ).

Do I need an Appointment?
We inventory over a million board feet at our Temecula location and not every pile is always accessible. We welcome customers to visit our showroom and yard to look around and talk with the office staff to see different options that may suit your needs – No appointment necessary.

Most orders for planking need to be placed with enough time to allow us to select the material for you. With our current workload, in-stock planking products can take between a few days to a week or two depending on the order.

Hand selection of planking is priced at the low volume rate and needs to be scheduled with the office to see when/if it is possible.

Hand selection of timbers may be an option depending on our current workload. Please call the office for availability.

What is the lead time?

The lead time on a quote is our good faith and best guestimate for the amount of time required by Vintage Timberworks to hand select and prepare materials specifically for your project. It is not a guaranteed date of delivery but often an outside estimate. We rarely run late due to unforeseen circumstances. The estimate is based on the amount of work on the board at the time the quote was generated. Jobs that come in between the time we sent the quote and the time you sign up may have a significant effect. If this is the case, we will contact you to let you know the new estimated lead time.

Projects are staged chronologically by date of deposit received, AND signed quote, as well as full direction.

Change orders, additions or client indecision may likely result in equal delay in production and/or completion. Once staged, we will not put another project in front of yours and ask that you understand we will not put your project in front of others.

Our commitment to you is to complete your project promptly without sacrificing quality. While we expect calls to coordinate time schedules, we ask you to limit calling regarding the status of your order. We promise to contact you immediately when your materials are ready.

Can I Expedite My Order?
In order to keep quality control at the high level that we strive for, we do not “rush” jobs through. On rare circumstances, when it would not push other jobs back in line, we can bring the crew in to work overtime in order to expedite your order.
How long can I store my order before picking it up?

Because yard space is extremely limited, we request customers pick up their orders within 30 days of completion.  In addition to freeing up storage space, this helps to avoid potential damage resulting from moving finished materials, rain, rodents and/or insects. Without making prior arrangements with us, finished material may be moved to long-term storage and require a considerable lead time to locate and make ready for pickup if stored for longer than 30 days. Vintage Timberworks, Inc. will not be responsible for damage occurring to orders stored longer than 30 days and will not be responsible for loss of material after 6 months of storage. Regardless, we ask that any remaining balance due be paid upon completion.

What Is The Return Policy?
Materials furnished by Seller to Buyer are non-returnable/non-refundable unless materials were purchased by Buyer in “As-Is” condition. In the event that Buyer requests to return any materials to Seller for credit, the request shall be made by Buyer within 10 days of delivery to Buyer and shall be subject to transportation charges and a 25% restocking fee. Any “As-Is” material altered in any way from the condition it was delivered to Buyer shall be deemed non-returnable/non-refundable. Seller may, at it shall its sole discretion, make arrangements with Buyer otherwise.

Material cut shorter per customer request to accommodate transportation is non-returnable

What Are Your Hours of Operation?
Temecula Showroom Hours: M-F 7:30-4:30

Temecula Yard Hours: M-F 7:30-4:00 Material Selection By Appointment

Santa Barbara Showroom: By Appointment Only

Cabo San Lucas MX Showroom: By Appointment Only

Do you install?
Vintage Timberworks is a material supplier of reclaimed wood materials. Depending on your location, we can suggest individuals who can help with the installation of beams, wall planking, exterior siding, mantels and flooring. Please visit the affiliates section of our site to see some of the installers we work with that regularly use our materials.
Do you build doors or furniture?
Vintage Timberworks is a material supplier of reclaimed wood materials. Depending on your location, we can suggest individuals who can help with the fabrication of furniture, doors, windows, fixtures and more. Please visit the affiliates section of our site to see some of the fabricators we work with that regularly use our materials.
Are there bugs in the material?

Most lumber and wood is subject to insect infestation. This is particularly true with dry wood termites on the west coast which typically swarm in the fall. As a matter of course, all arriving lumber shipments (with the exception of softwoods) are fumigated. All material is visually inspected for insect infestation and if indicated, the material is either fumigated prior to sale or disposed of.

Fumigation is accomplished on-premise by an independent licensed fumigator with Vikane gas in sufficient concentrations and a term to eliminate all possible insect infestations. Vikane treatment provides no residual protection from future infestation. While Vintage Timberworks exercises practical and reasonable due diligence with regard to potential existing insect infestations, we do not warrant that the materials you receive are insect-free or that they will not become infested in the future.

At your request upon completion of your order, your material can be fumigated (or re-fumigated) by including it as part of a regularly scheduled fumigation with additional charges.

What products are FSC certified?
All Vintage Timberworks’ products can be supplied with an FSC® certification (C014262). All reclaimed wood provided by Vintage Timberworks meets FSC® certification (C014262) requirements and can be supplied with certification upon request. All requests for FSC® certification (C014262) need to be made prior to placing an order.

*Our engineered flooring is not guaranteed to be laid up on FSC® certified (C014262) plywood UNLESS special ordered on FSC® certified (C014262) plywood. Custom orders of our engineered flooring on an FSC® certified (C014262) substrate are available upon request.

What are the scientific names of the wood available?
The scientific names for the wood species supplied may be available upon request if possible. Requests must be made prior to placing an order. The exclusion to this is when material is supplied as mixed species. “The Wood Database” is a great resource to find helpful information about individual wood species including common names, scientific names, weight, hardness, workability, rot resistance, and more.


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