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    Lazy Dog with reclaimed wood


    Lazy Dog Cafe Temecula

    We are excited that Lazy Dog Cafe in Temecula chose to use our reclaimed Douglas Fir planking on their storefront. To achieve the look they wanted, we ripped the edges off our 2×14 Douglas fir to a consistent and straight 11″. The thickness was gauged to 1.5″ and the original face was lightly sanded to […]

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    spruce goose airplane hangar


    Reclaimed timbers from the historic “Spruce Goose” hangar

      We’re excited to offer reclaimed building material salvaged from the historic “Spruce Goose Hangar” in Playa Vista. The 319,000 square foot building was the location where Howard Hughes built the infamous H-4 Hercules plane aka the “Spruce Goose”. The plane still holds the record for the largest wooden plane ever constructed and flown – […]

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    rice's mill before deconstruction


    Tennessee Grist Mill Est. 1775

      We are proud to offer material from one of the earliest public structures built by the settlers in Church Hill, Tennessee. Rice’s Mill, a water-wheel powered grist mill used to grind cereal grains into flour was built in 1775. It served as not only a local place for grinding flour, but also the gathering […]

Reclaimed Teak Flooring

Authentic Reclaimed Teak with Natural Patina and Character or Sanded Smooth for Contemporary Installations

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