Vintage Timberworks deals recycled, reclaimed wood, seasoned old growth lumber, antique barn beams, barn wood, vintage barn siding, reclaimed timbers, rustic wood mantels, antique wood flooring and architectural elements. Reclaimed wood is derived from the de-construction of antiquated wood structures where lumber has been “warehoused” for decades to centuries. Our recycled lumber products include west coast US and Canadian species such as Douglas fir, larch, redwood, and cedar. The Midwest and east coast vintage hardwood products include red oak, white oak, chestnut, elm, ash, walnut, poplar and other hardwood species. We source Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak, Black Butt and iron bark from Australia, ancient Kauri from New Zealand and reclaimed Teak flooring and other teak products from Indonesia. The Teak is meticulously sorted, milled and hand annealed by skilled artisans. Hand hewn eastern hardwood timbers of assorted species blend well exhibiting like surface characteristics and patina.


Vintage Timberworks, Inc. was founded in 1992, the result of blending decades of woodworking, the amazing qualities of “vintage” wood and a passion for “perfect imperfection”. Timbers salvaged from deconstruction projects were trademark components of the many custom commercial and residential construction projects that the founder Dennis Roberts built over 20 years. Matthew Roberts joined the company full time in 2005 with unique creativity, artistry and multi-faceted woodworking knowledge. Matt Bullock and Dawn Delarosa are our outstanding customer service staff with complete knowledge of our products, options, pricing and scheduling. Together with our very talented crew of millwrights and sawyers, Vintage Timberworks, Inc. produces globally sourced, sustainable reclaimed wood products of unsurpassed quality.


Recycled lumber/reclaimed wood generally result from original stands of old growth forests and is incomparable in fiber quality, density, architectural esthetics and character. Premium applications include timber frames, exposed timber trusses, open beam ceilings, exposed lintels, trellis work, fireplace mantels, reclaimed wood flooring, millwork, and furniture. Slowly dried in place and dry to the core, the stability of reclaimed lumber is unsurpassed. There is simply no equal substitute for the stability of air dried reclaimed wood and timber. Our material inventory generally is stable at around 10-12% moisture content, ambient for coastal California. The low moisture content, a result from many years of air drying, reduces the tendency for the wood to shrink and pull apart, problematic with exposed applications using green lumber. Slow growing old growth trees equate to extraordinary density, also contributing to stability. And very importantly, recycled wood is environmentally sound and sustainable. Most old growth forests in the US are luckily protected by moratorium from logging. Our reclaimed wood and lumber products help to reduce the pressure to harvest these old growth trees.


All wood will develop a “patina” by natural oxidation over a long period of time. As the wood dries and ages, the oxidation occurring on the surface creates the patina impossible to artificially recreate on new lumber. Exposed to the elements, inside or outside, a piece of wood will develop a “patina” from its exposure to sun, wind, rain, elements, soil etc. The history of the building in which the reclaimed wood was located can also contribute to its appearance. Reclaimed wood flooring from a warehouse will retain the original distressing form years of service. Reclaimed hand hewn barn beams carry the marks from the adz ax and broad axe originally used to size the beam. A 100-year-old fish cannery dock from Vancouver Island, BC that makes up our entry door to our showroom displays the gaff marks resulting from years of service in the fishing industry.


Old, aged, used lumber has unique historical value, a reflection of certain regions and industries. When restoration of a structure is not practical, we pride ourselves in preserving the structure’s history through the rescue and reuse of the building components. Salvaging beams, timbers, wood flooring, hardware and artifacts are part of the reclamation process. History lives on in vintage wood products: reclaimed hand hewn barn beams, recycled barn siding, rustic mantels, antique barn hardware, reclaimed wood flooring, weathered grey boards and ancient kauri slabs.

Reclaimed wood generally contains varying degrees of character marks which result from previous joinery and fastener marks. These include bolt holes, nail holes, mortises, notches. Seasoning checks (cracks) are natural characteristics that develop from the drying process. They exhibit age and “character”, like wrinkles upon a wise man’s face.

We take great pride in all of our reclaimed wood products. We work closely with the owner, architect, and builder and tradesman to tailor materials to your specifications and application.


Offering 100% reclaimed wood products, all of our products are the real thing. The wonderful mix of grays and browns are a natural result of a patina that has developed on the surface. The worn, weathered surface of our beams, lumber, flooring, and mantels is authentic and will vary from one piece to the next depending on the type of building they were sourced and the amount of weathering and wear the material received. The texture will also vary depending on the tools used to create the material whether there are original adz marks from the material being hewn by hand or saw marks left behind from a band saw or circular saw.

Due to the age of most of our products, the material generally needs some sort of cleaning or sanding before installation. There is a fine line between cleaning the original surface and destroying the patina and character.  The skilled crew at Vintage Timberworks understands the idea of preparing the material in a way that the original character is not destroyed and the end product does not end up looking contrived. Please discuss any milling, sanding, or distressing you would like to be done on the material with our staff.


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Vintage Timberwork’s main yard & showroom is located in Southern California just south of Temecula on I-15, a short drive from San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. We encourage you to stop by our 7 acre lumber yard/milling operation and speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff regarding your material requirements. It will give you a chance to see, firsthand, the broad spectrum of recycled lumber products available and will help you to decide which appearance is most suitable for your architectural style.

For the out of town client, we are located just over an hour from San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Ontario International Airports. In the event you would like to make a weekend of your visit, following are links to local lodging and entertainment. We are located adjacent to the Temecula Creek Inn Golf Course which offers lodging as well as golf. Additionally, the Temecula Valley wine country and the Pechanga Resort and Casino are nearby.