09 2022
Piling Logs from San Diego Naval Broadway Complex

We’re excited to offer piling logs sourced from the San Diego Naval Broadway Complex. Over 5000 of these logs were driven into the ground under the foundation of the building to support the weight of the building above. The building has since been demolished for the Navy to move into a new building and the site will be the future home of the San Diego Research and Development District.

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The 100+ piling logs we acquired during this phase measure up to 55′ long and are a mix of mostly Douglas fir and Cedar. Being buried in an anaerobic environment for the last few decades, the logs are in great shape with very little surface decay or damage. These pilings can be sold in a variety of ways: “as-is” full log purchase, log segment purchase, full-truck load volumes, or custom milled in any of the appearances we offer our Douglas fir beams (resawn, hand hewn, etc).

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When milled, the beam faces show a beautiful and unique coloration due to minerals and nutrients in the ground that were absorbed over decades. The piling logs or timbers currently have a higher moisture content than our typical reclaimed wood beams but will cure just like new lumber.

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