Reclaimed Wood - Installing Box Beams

This video shows how to install reclaimed wood box beams which were featured being fabricated from reclaimed Douglas fir joist in an earlier video. The vintage wood box beams are being installed by Grunow Construction craftsmen in a project in La Jolla, CA. The video illustrates the installation process start to finish.

Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood Lumber & Beams

If you are interested in reclaimed old growth redwood and the history that goes with it, please enjoy the following video. It documents some of the historical structures from which the redwood is reclaimed and highlights some of the products and uses for reclaimed old growth clear all heart redwood.

Reclaimed Wood Timber & Lumber - Deconstruction of Building of 802

This video documents a deconstruction project in the Port of Oakland which focused on reclaiming and recycling wood building components rather than crushing and hauling the wood to the dump. The reclaimed wood was re-purposed for use in a wide variety of applications such as home construction, restaurant interiors, furniture, and reclaimed wood flooring. Vintage Timberworks helped put together the deconstruction team and was responsible for marketing the reclaimed lumber.