fine aged reclaimed wood

Vintage Timberworks offers a wide variety of unique products made from reclaimed wood which are showcased below by category. The vintage wood products including recycled lumber, reclaimed beams, wood mantels and wood flooring are available in both “as is” and re-manufactured condition. Please allow yourself a considerable lead time when ordering, as most vintage products made from reclaimed wood are custom tailored to meet your architectural requirements and require particular attention to detail. Whether the reclaimed wood originated in a Canadian grain elevator, an antiquated lumber mill, an old barn, or an outdated military base, your vintage wood product will be 100% recycled and eco-friendly.


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If you’re searching for a particular look that you don’t see in our galleries or product pages, feel free to send over an “inspiration image” along with your material list and there’s a good chance we can come up with a good solution for you! Our inventory changes regularly so it’s important to contact us early in the design stages of your project to allow us enough time to round up the materials and custom mill them if needed.