Vintage Timberworks is the result of many years of experience in building fine custom homes coupled with our continuing quest searching for the finest reclaimed antique wood available throughout North America. With our combined 70 years experience in building high end homes and supplying reclaimed wood, we are confident we can provide you guidance in the application of our reclaimed products to a wide variety of architectural styles. With our on-site milling operation, Vintage is capable of creating many different surface appearances on our recycled wood products including hand hewn, sanded, surfaced, and sawn reclaimed lumber products. Additionally, we can create custom corbels, box beams, flooring, trusses, and thickness planed or edged siding and planking from the reclaimed lumber. Whether it is a rustic, recycled mantle or a house full of reclaimed, antique timbers, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible in producing your order. Please direct your questions regarding products, availability, lead time and pricing to our sales office. At this time our milling services are only performed on our stock (minimum 100 board foot order required). Milling outside customer material is not a service we provide.


Our horizontal bandsaw sawmills give us the ability to cut a wide variety products ranging from board stock to very large, long timbers. We can resize reclaimed, dimensional timber to something smaller.

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Our resaw is primarily used to split material rapidly and with great accuracy. It is typically used to split 2x reclaimed lumber into two individual 1″ pieces each with one old face.

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With one stationary and two articulating band-saws, we can cut about any set of curves you can dream up. They are the perfect machines for cutting arches, truss braces, rounded table tops, and corbels.

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The Woodmiser edger produces straight edged boards up to 15″ wide and 2-1/2″ thick. This is a great tool when the application calls for a rustic face board which butts directly up to another with no void…

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After nearly two decades we believe we have perfected the art of recreating the “authentic” hand hewn appearance found on 100 plus year old barn beams. We use special tools and techniques in creating hand…

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Over the years, Vintage has developed a number of sanding devices and techniques designed for detailing the uneven surfaces of rustic material. As most of these tools are custom built…

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Our planer creates the standard surfaced appearance characteristic of most contemporary lumber stock. Vintage can plane material up to 24″ wide and 9-12″ thick. One note of caution…

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Vintage box beams are virtually indistinguishable from solid beams. Box beams give you the advantage of being able to conceal unattractive structural elements such as glu-lams, steel I-beams, and steel columns.

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Building trusses with reclaimed timber is truly an art form. Due to its character, the timbers are inherently uneven, lack uniformity, and can include some degree of twisting. It takes a master carpenter to be able…

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As with the trusses, creating open beam ceilings and roofs using reclaimed beams can be challenging. The carpentry needs to be done with skill and precision so that the roof has the appearance…

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We have a number of professionals on staff who can advise you on everything from building techniques to design solutions. Please bring your plans when you visit the yard and we will be happy to discuss…

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It’s simple! Just bring us your idea for that custom table, counter top, or front door you’ve always wanted. We’ll help design something which will be your own unique statement, quote the material…

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