fine aged reclaimed wood

Vintage Timberworks offers a wide selection of rustic reclaimed wood mantels sourced from around the world. We carry various species of wood often including old-growth Douglas fir, Redwood, Heart Pine, Oak, Walnut, Australian Iron Bark, Indonesian teak, and others.

Nothing else quite makes a home as warm and comforting as much as a fireplace. It is where families, relatives, and friends gather to bond not only during holidays but all year round. It’s also the best place in your home to unwind and read a book melting the stress away. It adds a dash of warmth and aesthetics to your home. On top of that, antique timbers come with a history that adds a new level of intrigue to your decor. Our large selection of in-stock mantels can be selected and taken home same day. Since we offer a variety of sizes, textures and colors in our reclaimed wood mantels and each piece is unique, any customers looking for corbels to pair with their mantel will need to place a custom order for both a mantel and pair of corbels to be produced at the same time.

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Antique wood adds a different charm and character to your space that no other timber can. Aside from its history and background (where it’s sourced from and how old it is), each piece has its own unique design, which cannot be replicated through modern machinery. The natural aging process gives each wood its individual characteristics.

Going with reclaimed timber for your home improvement and decor is the eco-conscious choice! You are saving one new growth tree to be harvested, cut, and milled for lumber. It also saves a lot of antique timber from landfills, which definitely helps save the environment.


While we would strongly advise you to reach out for a professional to help you install your fireplace mantels, here is a quick guide to help you ensure your hired expert is doing the right job.

First, anchor two pieces of rebar to the studs above the fireplace. The rebar is one of the foundations to help your mantel hang. To do that, you will need to drill a hole at the back of your mantel. Make sure you measure the distance between each piece of the rebar and the mantel.

Using a small drill bit, drill a pilot hole for the bigger drill bit. Make sure that your holes are right exactly on the mark so that your mantel will be leveled. Once you confirm, you can go ahead and drill into the pilot hole with the bigger drill bit.

If you choose to have corbels, make sure you mount them accordingly on the bottom of the mantel. Follow the same steps and measure the distance between the two corbels for accuracy.

The final step is to lift up the mantel up onto the two pieces of rebar and slide it into place.

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If you’re searching for a particular look that you don’t see in our galleries or product pages, feel free to send over an “inspiration image” along with your material list and there’s a good chance we can come up with a good solution for you! Our inventory changes regularly so it’s important to contact us early in the design stages of your project to allow us enough time to round up the materials and custom mill them if needed.