fine aged reclaimed wood

Vintage Timberworks has mastered the art of fitting antique timbers for decorative or structural truss designs or ridge and rafter systems. Fitting together vintage timbers takes a great deal of skill and patience to ensure the final installation looks as though the timbers were fit together long ago with precision.

Each beam is custom scribed and mortised into the connecting member ensuring a look that exudes craftsmanship. Timber trusses can be bolted together and shipped intact to be craned into place OR beams can be precut and scribed together to be reassembled on site. Pre-fit ridge and rafter packages will arrive with the ridge beam mortised and labeled to accept pitch cut and labeled rafters to make installation a breeze.

If you have a steel structure you’re looking to conceal, we can fabricate hollow beams (box beams) to fit over structural members.

Prices are based on overall dimensions and materials used as well as truss design. The sky’s the limit regarding design…feel free to send us a drawing or inspiration photo and we would be happy to discuss your options.

Structural or Decorative Prefabricated Timber Truss Fabrication System Built with Reclaimed Wood

how it works

Step 1 Truss Design Optimized 1

step 1:

Provide us with information

To start the conversation, feel free to reach out with a rough idea of what you’re looking for. Inspiration images of truss designs can be helpful if you don’t see exactly the right fit in the gallery below. Some materials are limited in availability or length so providing us with a rough idea of the layout and span will be useful. If the trusses or ridge and rafter system will be structural and not purely decorative, we’ll need specs provided from an architect on what’s needed.

step 2:

We’ll provide a quotation.

The quote we provide will have each room listed individually as well as the labor listed separately to fabricate or pre-fit timbers. Requests for changes/revisions can typically be easily accommodated. Once we send over a quote that looks good, we require a signature on truss drawings, a 50% deposit, and a signed copy of the quote sent back for us to get started. Lead times are based on the amount of labor currently in the production que and are listed as an estimate..

Step 2 Quotation Optimized
Step 3 Fabrication

step 3:


Upon receipt of a signed drawings, quote and deposit, we consider it final direction and begin setting aside and organizing materials for milling/fabrication. Our team will mill and distress when the order comes up in the production queue and reach out when complete to help schedule delivery. While the order is in the production queue, any alterations or additions will have an effect on pricing and lead time.

step 4:


After the job is complete, we will reach out to help schedule delivery during a time that works for you. Packages will arrive with lumber wrap and labeled both on the units as well as the accompanying documentation.

Deliveries are arranged through an outside carrier and the driver does not offload so you’ll need to be ready to unload by hand or with equipment. Fully assembled trusses will require heavy equipment to take off the truck. In cases where trusses are being craned into place, customers need to make us aware of the schedule prior to arranging delivery to make sure additional stand-by time does not accrue. Please make us aware of any restrictions to the job site and if smaller trucks need to be arranged.

Step 4 Install
Image 3

If you’re searching for a particular look that you don’t see in our galleries or product pages, feel free to send over an “inspiration image” along with your material list and there’s a good chance we can come up with a good solution for you! Our inventory changes regularly so it’s important to contact us early in the design stages of your project to allow us enough time to round up the materials and custom mill them if needed.