Reclaimed Planking Redwood



Originating from timbers reclaimed around the West Coast, our reclaimed Redwood beams yield some of the finest tight grain material we’ve ever seen. Old-growth Redwood simply does not compare to what is sold today in new lumber. Our reclaimed Redwood is supplied as all heartwood and virtually free of knots. We are able to saw vertical grain 6” wide planks from our large stock of 6”x16”x20’ timbers and further mill to produce a T&G or shiplap profile for exterior siding. Alternatively, we can saw the timbers to yield flat grain 15” wide planks up to 20’ long. This is a popular material for residential and commercial applications and can be milled for interior or exterior uses.


With the horizontal bandsaw, we can produce a fresh sawn face on both sides of the planking. This will remove the patina and reveal an ultra dense all heart product. It will reveal freshly sawn redwood with unmatched stability and the grain density of old growth lumber. This material can also then be sanded smooth or wire brushed. It is a popular choice for clean bright installations that are looking for a less rustic application but want the performance of reclaimed old growth. Sorting for exclusively clear vertical grain is an option at an additional cost.

resawn redwood - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood02 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood03 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood04 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood05 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood06 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
resawn redwood07 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood


Surfaced Reclaimed Redwood Planking is created by passing the material through a planer which cuts through any patina to leave a glassy smooth surface on incredibly dense and clear material. This product is popular for clean, refined installations calling for a less rustic approach. Wire brushing and/or sorting this material for exclusively vertical grain is an option as well.

surfaced redwood - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
surfaced redwood - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
surfaced redwood02 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
surfaced redwood03 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
surfaced redwood04 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood
surfaced redwood05 - Reclaimed Planking Redwood