reclaimed wood box beams

The beams in this beautiful Newport Beach home are reclaimed Douglas fir with the original patina and texture. They’re actually hollow box beams fabricated from solid timbers! The customer needed to wrap a structural ridge beam spanning the length of the room over 40′ long. We were able to produce a box beam that spanned the entire room without seams in the length, height, or width by starting with a solid timber and “dissecting” it by surgically removing the sides and reconstructing a hollow beam virtually indistinguishable from when it was solid. The rafters are also box beams fabricated from solid beams so the color and texture would match. These were created as box beams to save weight on the installation. Solid beams were used in the bedrooms. Many thanks to Dan Luna Exceptional Woodworking for their great work on another beautiful project!


nacimento3 - Rustic Box Beams - Newport Beach

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