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    Reclaimed Teak flooring


    Reclaimed Indonesian Teak Flooring and Paneling

        Craftsmanship is the essence of quality. We’re excited to share our latest shipment of reclaimed Teak flooring and paneling straight from Indonesia due to arrive by Christmas! Reclaimed from houses, huts, and businesses, each piece is hand chosen and sorted for its patina and unique characteristics. We strive to utilize nearly 100% of […]

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    reclaimed wood for sale


    A Customer’s Experience…

      We’re often contacted by customers who are interested in incorporating some of our reclaimed wood into their project and want to know how to proceed. Our showrooms located in Santa Barbara, Cabo San Lucas, and Austin, Texas are great destinations for customers in the area to stop in and see and feel samples of […]

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    hardwood barn beams ceiling


    Where Reclaimed Meets Modern

          These days much of our material finds its new home in clean, bright and modern settings. While we also cater to large rustic projects, many home and business owners are preferring a clean open layout with some unique character. The character that reclaimed wood offers can make such an enormous impact, even […]

Reclaimed Teak Flooring

Authentic Reclaimed Teak with Natural Patina and Character or Sanded Smooth for Contemporary Installations

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