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Got barn wood? We buy it!

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We continually search the globe for quality reclaimed wood including rustic barn wood. If you have a barn or building containing reclaimed wood that you would like to sell, we would be happy to take a look at it and possibly help to make arrangements to dismantle and salvage the material if needed. We work with a vast range of demolition contractors across the country who are well versed in the art of effectively removing and reclaiming wood without destroying its character and yielding the most material possible. If you have reclaimed barn wood or a building you think we may be interested in please fill out our Got Wood form or call us direct at 951-695-1003.


We strive to only purchase usable, fine aged reclaimed wood and much of the wood we are offered does not meet our criteria.  A few things we consider when purchasing reclaimed wood:


Is there enough wood to make dismantling and transportation worthwhile?


There is no job too large for us to take on given enough time to coordinate things. We often participate in the dismantling of enormous buildings yielding dozens of semi loads of wood. We’re typically not interested in loads that are less than a truckload unless they’re really unique.

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gray barn wood


What are the species, dimensions, and quantities being offered?

In order to let customers know if we’re interested in the wood being offered, we need to know what it is. A lumber list, photographs, and location are a great place to start along with a price for the material.

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Dry shed Canada

What grade is the wood?

All wood is not created equal. We are interested typically in high-grade, old growth lumber that’s generally straight and not loaded with notches, holes or rot.


Is the material contaminated or treated?

Since most of the material we sell goes into high-end and commercial projects, we do not purchase materials that are pressure-treated, oily, lead-painted or containing other types of contamination. If contaminated materials arrive to our site, they are removed from the tally and disposal fees may be charged to the seller.


Where is the material located?

While sometimes making logistics a little more difficult, we go to the ends of the earth to reclaim wood. From Indonesian teak to East coast barn wood; Australian Iron Bark to West Coast Douglas fir – we have a habit of collecting all sorts of reclaimed wood varieties form around the world.IMG 0101 300x225


What type of reclaimed wood is it?

We are interested in many different types of reclaimed wood – but not all. Solid beams, rough sawn framing lumber, barn siding, and reclaimed flooring are the most common materials we purchase. We are often offered reclaimed wood that we do have interest in.


Examples of reclaimed barn wood we are not interested in:


Reclaimed Plywood

Treated lumber / Contaminated Wood / Railroad ties

Pallet wood

Fence boards


Power poles

Residential wood siding, doors or windows


Please feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff with any questions you may have by filling out our Got Wood form or calling us at 951-695-1003. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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