Huge Reclaimed Douglas Fir Timbers


On any given day, we most likely have the largest solid, structural timbers in Southern California on hand for projects that call for unusually heavy timber. These “mega timbers” are increasing in rarity as solid timbers are being substituted for glue-lams and I-beams and as large old growth trees are no longer being harvested. 

Reclaimed wood is not only the best option for stability and grain density, it’s often the only choice since new lumber can no longer be ordered in the same size as many of our huge beams.

As these beams have been air dried over the course of many years, they have stabilized to the point that they will not continue to shrink or twist like new lumber. Our mega timbers are most often used as structural ridge beams provided either with the original patina are milled perfectly straight and clean. Occasionally we have supplied these ultra limited timbers for one-of-a-kind installations such as single piece benches or art installations.

Contact us for availability and pricing! Several of the biggest timbers we have in stock are shown below.

IMG 6589 1024x768 - Home of Heavy Timbers

16″x32″x30′ Rough Sawn Douglas Fir Beams (6)


IMG 2115 1024x768 - Home of Heavy Timbers

20″x28″x30′ Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams (4)


IMG 6592 1024x768 - Home of Heavy Timbers

14″x16″x52′ Douglas Fir timber (1)


IMG 6600 1024x768 - Home of Heavy Timbers

16″x24″x41′ reclaimed Douglas fir timber (1)


IMG 6598 1024x768 - Home of Heavy Timbers

14″x22″x40′ Reclaimed Douglas Fir Timber (1)


IMG 6596 1024x1024 - Home of Heavy Timbers

12″x32″x42′ Reclaimed Douglas fir Timber (1)


IMG 6594 1024x1024 - Home of Heavy Timbers

10″x22″x31′ Douglas fir beams (almost 100 available!)